Hey there:

Welcome, I am Luis Vaca (squaredcow) owner and author of this blog.

Once I read on LinkedIn: “If you cannot explain in five words what do you do for a living, you are probably lying”. That said, I am a programmer and I enjoy it.

Now, if I may give the verbose self-description: I am a programmer, graduated as Software Engineer, +10 years ago, focused on Web Services and Distributed Systems. I have been writing code for big-tech companies, start-ups, consultant firms and now, in this blog, for myself.

Some of my topics of interest circle around programming languages, hashing, frameworks, optimizations, clever algorithms, generative art, et cetera. But I know, you the reader, will figure that out.

Long due gratitude; This blog is meant for my peers, mentors, mentees, and all the new readers out there. May you find my findings as amusing as I did.

And if you are interested in more, you can find the licensing for all the content of this page in here.

– squaredcow